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Pornography Addiction FAQs and Counseling

I think I need help. How do I know?

You may need help if you find yourself thinking about and/or viewing pornography throughout a given day and/or week, fantasizing over strangers as well as people you know, hiding your struggle, and having difficult times connecting with others. 

What does counseling look like for pornography addiction?

Counseling for pornography addiction provides practical interventions that come from the process of looking at your desires, beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, emotions, situation(s), and relationships. Approaching pornography addiction holistically leads to sustained, continued change and sobriety. 

Do just guys view pornography?

Both men and women view pornography. Over the years this number has been increasing for both. Reasons for viewing pornography are similar and different.

How does Christian Counseling help for pornography Addiction?

Christian counseling helps in many ways, primarily with motivation, guilt and shame. Applying the good news of Jesus Christ redeems motivation and lifts the power of guilt and shame. Check out our page on Christian Counseling

How do I schedule?

Scheduling is easy. Click on the "schedule" button at the top of the screen. It only takes about two minutes. You can also call our office at 682-593-9226.

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