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Pornography Addiction Counseling in Fort Worth

Pornography addiction counseling for fort worth


Christian Addiction Counselors
for Fort Worth

Cowtown Christian Counseling was founded to serve Fort Worth with Christian counseling and therapy rooted in the Bible and connected to your experience. 

Pornography addiction is common. You can feel helpless and hopeless as you struggle. We do believe there is a way out though. The Christian counseling process is crafted uniquely for you, discovering new ways to struggle, viewing temptation and sexual desires differently, learning to change, and living out of your identity. 

We believe God is connected to the process of counseling. He is patient, forgives, brings about understanding, and walks with you through your struggles and victories. 

Our fort worth counselors, Brian Dunn and Joel Peterson, have worked with individuals who struggle with pornography in a variety of settings, including church counseling ministry, groups, and private practice. Our team is also developing a group curriculum. Please reach out with any questions you may have. We would love to help you experience freedom and learn to live the life God has designed for you.


Belief Statements, Counseling and Pornography Addiction

We Recognize Change

One of the first steps to freedom is increasing motivation to change. The desire to change can feel high and sometimes low with pornography addiction. Learning to recognize change while increasing motivation is part of the process.

We See Identity

Pornography addiction affects how you see yourself, God, and others. Helping redeem identity is part of our counseling practice. 

We Discover Intimacy

Restoring relationships (and making new ones) with friends and family helps you connect and operate out of your design, to love people. This helps transform pornography addiction, from needing people to loving them.

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Recognizing God and your struggle…

The purpose of our blog is to connect your experiences to God and His design for your life. We recognize that your story of pornography addiction has similarities and differences to others who might struggle. We are always learning how to counsel best. Our hope is for you you to find comfort and connection as you read.  Check out our blog.

Pornography Addiction Blog



Help for Pornography Addiction

We have multiple testimonials from  counselors, pastors, and others from Fort Worth. If you have any questions about our firm please give us a call at 682-593-9226. View our testimonials page to see what people are saying. 


Fort Worth, Texas

What’s counseling look like?​​​


Counseling sessions are 50 minutes in duration. You will learn about addiction, yourself, God, relationships, and strategies to struggle well. 


Is there hope for me?


Pornography addiction and the effects of it can feel all consuming. You might be at work and the guilt seems unbearable. There is hope. We deal with influencing factors, fighting strategies, guilt/shame, fear/anxiety, and Godly design for sex.


Cowtown Christian Counseling

3113 South University Drive

Suite 406

Fort Worth, TX 76109


Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm ​​

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